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TECHNOLOGY  Ohm charger

                 Tired of standing by the wall outlet to charge your phones?Have you ever imagined you not needing to charge your phone to the wall outlet just to charge your phone, well it is possible due to the technological advanced world we are in right now,great things are just happening and problems that where hard are now being solve easily..Well let me introduce you to one of the latest technological invention:An ohm charger, it charges your phone for you instead of walking everywhere with your phone charger to charge your phone,you just get to carry what looks like a USB to charge your phone,with this you will never be stranded anywhere well that's if u charge it after use...It gives phone the battery it needs without inconveniences and it has the following features:
 (1) 3hour power bank:rechargeable 3hours power bank.
  (2) 360 degree rotation curve:Easy 360 rotation for any angle.
    (3)Key chain ring:Attached easily to keys for portability.
        (4)Iphone/Android support:Choice of android or iPhone support
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