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BlogNigeria is an online students forum Platform , Developed by the Nigerian Bloggers team , To help all Nigerian Students who are interested in blogging get on their feet.
1, You might be the firsts to get information / News about something, you don't need to report to us ,you now have every authority to post it online yourself.
You can also post about an online network like MMM, HELP2GET, ICHARITY or ultimate Cycler, including your referral link and get plenty of downlines
2,Questions just got easier, you will no longer receive one answer to your questions but several contributions from our member, when you ask questions online unlike whatsapp where you get only an answer.
3. This is an expanded group, you can search for members that relates to what you want, add them and chat with them, always stay connected, complete you profile, and creates an online identity.
3.What is that you are good at writing? , news, music,entertainment, fashion, sports, this platform accommodate all, just starting postings in seconds ,we have our help tutorial to get you started. this is an opportunity to develop your self in the blogging system.
with the rise of MMM every Nigerian now expects something in anything he/she does ,and why not, you have benefit's of belonging to the largest growing community in Nigeria, apart from staying connected, developing your self online and get help ( admitted in school or not)
if you are already registered, you will see that your money has started growing, you simply earn Money by doing what you know how to do best, posting, Chatting, answering questions, and referring new members, WAW!!!, but if you are looking at the earnings without developing your instincts and skills first, then you are bound to fail.
this is not MMM or other Networks that are Short lived, this is an Active blogging community. WHAT TO DO WITH EARNINGS for your 1st level, it can be used to make online purchase of anything in the store, donate or sell income for services.
WHEN you are ranked as a professional blogger by our staff and the system, then, it will become possible for you to withdraw your money directly to your bank account, We are glad to tell you that you problems have been solved.
Most member say that they don't understand site features Others say that they find it hard to post contents. All these are over Below is a three simple steps guide to posting in and earning real cash
First Make sure that you have Logged in....
1. Click on any category that relates to what you want to post ,example, UNIVERSITY NEWS, HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE, etc
2. Once you have entered the Category page, look for the link ether above or below the category "POST THREAD" , and click on it,
3. If you have entered,, then, write the title of your posts, then the content, scroll down and click on POST THREAD
Congratulations, your post is visible to the world and your earnings have added. Any more questions I can help Remember, we love original content, if you copy from somewhere, edit it(add your words) before you post. We will help you edit them and correct you, in case of any mistakes
This is your chance to learn blogging, and become a professional blogger, if we find out that you have learned well, (your posts are now excellent) , we will create your own website for you all free, we will also send you Traffic, to make sure you are up and running. EVERY NIGERIAN STUDENT DESERVES A WEBSITE, get started start today. LINKS see details of how to earn here You don't have to pay anything or do anything much, infact as you login, read news updates and ask questions your money keeps increasing automatically , its what you have been doing ever since right.?
with your contributions so far we have grown, keep it up ,if you have any question, we are on whatsapp +2348175052585. ,you can also send us email or PM. @ amakvitaa Key into the blogging system today. NO 1 G EKE STREET, AGBOR

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Note : Every Blogger Is Responsible For Whatsoever Content He/She Posts At BlogNigeria